Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here it is, my first video!

Well, finally my video is up at X-Tube. If the video above doesn't work, try the link in the first sentence. There's a funny story behind this video. I had the camera set up, all I had to do was press record and let the cum fly. But I'd been teasing myself for nearly three hours before hand, watching endless amounts of porn. So there I am watching some porn and getting myself hard for the camera, when suddenly, I notice that I'm about to cum... IMMEDIATELY. As quickly as I could I hit the record button, ran to my position at the opposite side of the room, and sure enough I immediately started shooting off. I think you can hear me going, "Shit! Fuck!" I thought I'd missed the whole thing. After I was done playing with my cum and enjoying the intense orgasm, I looked over and noticed that the camera was indeed rolling. I checked the playback and LUCKILY, I'd managed to capture the cumshot, but just barely in the nick of time. Talk about a close call! Aside from that, this orgasm was intense as hell. You can see me twitching and my cock pulsing after I let go it. It was SO GOOD. I could've cum again, but I didn't want to waste anymore sperm. I'm saving up for my next video, so, keep checking. I promise next time I'll shoot an even BIGGER, THICKER load. Till then, bye for now!


  1. wear triple cock rings, nipple clamps, black bra, 8 suspender corset and seamed black stockings and red satin open crotch knickers and I can guarantee a cum explosion without any effort. A trip into a lingerie shop suitably crossdresed and a request for assistance in trying on corsetry and stockings is a thrill.

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  3. Hi!
    I just came across your blog (pun very much intended ... lol)
    I LOVE watching men masturbate!
    Good for you that you started this blog to satisfy those of us with this predilection for men's cocks and wanking.
    You need to update, though!

  4. Hi - I'm a 24 yo M who loves to masturbate for women. If you're interested in watching me, please email me at I can send you pics, video, or cam with you live - all for FREE! Can't wait to hear from you!

  5. You really got me hard.i am sucking and licking myself now.Love cum.My own and others.